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Mustangs vs Cougars vendredi 23 septembre 2016 à 20:00

Publiée le 2016-09-24 - Consultée 1625 fois

Mustangs still undefeated for the season.

The North Shore Mustangs went into St. Leonard on Friday September 23 and narrowly escaped with the win to keep their undefeated season still intact.  At the same time they also defeated the Cougars, another team which had its sights on 1st place.
The contest was a close fight between 2 teams, in the end the Mustangs pulled it out at the end of the 4th quarter.

TD Cougars
35yd run
Extra point blocked
Mustangs 0 Cougars 6
10:32 1Q

TD North Shore Mustangs
35yd TD run by Jayden Jehoda
Extra point good by Joshua Tak
Mustangs 7 Cougars 6
6:28 2Q

Single North Shore Mustangs
Missed 32 yard field goal right
Mustangs 8 Cougars 6
0:33 2Q


End of 3rd quarter
Mustangs 8 cougars 6

TD Cougars
Missed 2 point convert
Mustangs 8 Cougars 13
1:58 4Q

TD North Shore Mustangs
20yd run by Jayden Jehoda
2 pt convert no good
Mustangs 14 Cougars 12
1:16 4Q

Game over
Mustangs 14 Cougars 12




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