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Wildcats vs Mustangs vendredi 14 octobre 2016 à 20:00

Publiée le 2016-10-17 - Consultée 2296 fois

Mustangs lose 1st game in over 2 years.

The North Shore Mustangs lost their 1st game of the 2016 season and their first regular season game in over 2 years.

The Laurentien Wildcats came in to DDO with only 1 loss on the season and won the battle for first place by outlasting the Mustangs 23 - 21.

The game went back and forth all game long and the game wasn't decided until the Wildcats recovered a Mustangs fumble with a few minutes left to go in the game.

End of 1Q
Wildcats 0 Mustangs 0

North Shore Mustangs FG
17 yds by Joshua Tak
Wildcats 0 Mustangs 3
5:11 2Q

North Shore Mustangs FG
23 yds by Joshua Tak
Wildcats 0 Mustangs 6
0:23 2Q

TD Wildcats
40yd pass
Extra point good
Wildcats 7 Mustangs 6
0:06 2Q


TD Wildcats
35yd fumble return
Wildcats 14 Mustangs 6
11:32 3Q

TD North Shore Mustangs
1yd run by Marlow Darius D'Pri
2pt conversion no good
Wildcats 14 Mustangs 12
7:01 3Q

TD North Shore Mustangs
4yd run by Shamond Carlisle
2 pt convert run by Simmons
Wildcats 12 Mustangs 20
2:26 3Q

Safety Wildcats
Wildcats 16 Mustangs 20
11:44 4Q

TD Wildcats
10 yd pass play
Wildcats 23 Mustangs 20
6:47 4Q

Single Mustangs
Missed FG
Wildcats 23 Mustangs 21
2:44 4Q

Game over
Wildcats 23 Mustangs 21

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Glenn F.McHugh Field

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