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Cheetahs To Play in Bol d'Or Finals!

The Men’s Football Cheetahs played an incredible game on Saturday, outlasting the André-Grasset Phénix 24-22 in an epic battle that was very close! André-Grasset started the game strongly, and their very tough defence held the Cheetahs off of the score sheet for the entire first half except for a single field goal by our kicker Adam Mahrouse. However, our defence held strong, too, and after limiting the Phénix to a single touchdown, the score was 8-3 at the half. We’re not sure what Coach Peter Chryssomlis had to say to the team during halftime, but whatever he said, the Cheetahs came out in the third quarter on fire! At 1:23 of the 3rd quarter, Patrick Charles got the lead back for Vanier with an electrifying 55-yard TD catch thrown by our QB Daniel Sananes.  Then five minutes later, the same dynamic duo connected for another TD pass to make it 17-8 for Vanier after the convert by Adam Mahrouse. Then, a scant 18 seconds into the 4th quarter, Patrick Charles score his remarkable THIRD touchdown of the game, this time a 1-yard run into the endzone, putting us up 24-8 after the successful convert. However, André-Grasset showed a lot of grit and began a strong push to wrest back control of the game from the Cheetahs, and they almost succeeded. They scored a TD, and after the 2-point convert, it was 24-16 for Vanier. They then scored another major to make it 24-22, but their attempt at another 2-point convert (which would have tied the game) was unsuccessful. With over 7 minutes left in the game, our defence shut the door on André-Grasset all the rest of the way, and we emerged with the huge playoff semi-final victory. The Cheetahs will now face the Champlain-Lennoxville Cougars in in the Bol d’Or Finals next Saturday afternoon. The game will again be played at the Centre sportif Claude-Robillard, starting at 3:00 PM.


15 9 6 442 362 18

Calendrier des matchs

2016-08-27 Faucons 9 31 Cheetahs
2016-09-10 Cheetahs 49 24 Cougars
2016-09-24 Cheetahs 16 7 Titans
2016-10-01 Cheetahs 50 51 Géants
2016-10-08 Nomades 26 53 Cheetahs
2016-10-15 Cheetahs 23 29 Élans
2016-10-22 Cheetahs 17 24 Spartiates
2016-10-29 Cheetahs 32 17 Spartiates
2017-08-26 Géants 11 36 Cheetahs
2017-09-02 Cougars 24 14 Cheetahs
2017-09-09 Cheetahs 19 18 Notre-Dame
2017-09-16 Cheetahs 30 58 Faucons
2017-09-23 Spartiates 7 39 Cheetahs
2017-10-14 Cheetahs 31 15 Nomades
2017-10-21 Titans 42 3 Cheetahs
2017-10-28 Élans 17 31 Cheetahs
2017-11-04 Notre-Dame 8 12 Cheetahs
2018-09-29 Cheetahs Phénix


Samuel Emilus
Publié le 3 mars 2015