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Product review: The Cutters Rev Pro 3D S540

Today Simon talks about the new high-end glove from Cutters – the Rev Pro 3D S540

Simon Charbonneau Campeau reviews the Cutters Rev Pro 3D S540. It’s the new high-end glove from Cutters that we are very excited about having in the store. Hear what Simon thinks of this new glove.  


This is Simon Charbonneau Campeau. I’m currently at the Versus Football Shop, and today I’m going to talk to you about the new gloves Cutters Rev Pro 3D. I also have the regular Rev Pro right here and I’ll talk a little bit about the differences between the two.  

When it comes to the design there’s no huge difference between the two. The Rev Pro 3D comes in fewer colors than the regular so be sure to check that out when you shop.

It’s really when it comes to performance that these two gloves differ. In the palm of the glove we can see that there are spaces between the grip material in the palm and the fingers and the palm and the thumb. These spaces allow for better flexibility for the fingers and reduce bunching of the material when you grip. 

We can also see on the back of the hand, that they have added ventilation holes on the fingers. So it’s obvious that this will help against transpiration and help keep your hand dry.  

For the durability, we can see that the regular Rev Pro is designed with a thin tissue material on the fingers and the back of the hand. The Rev Pro 3D on the other hand, is equipped with real leather which surely will give the Rev Pro 3D a better durability.


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